Trademark means a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include the shape of goods, their packaging, and combination of colors

  • It gives Legal assurance against phony or duplication marks:

Benefits of Registration of Trademark:
Required Documents for Registering a Trademark

Two type of Classifications:

Trademark Registration means a Trade/Brand name enlistment in India permits the candidate to utilize images or words to address a business or the items that are presented by a business to recognize the labor and products that are presented by them from the contenders.

  • It cause you to acquire shrewd via authorizing

  • The clients can without much of a stretch recognize the beginning of the Goods

  • Its Provides Exclusive Right

  • Awards the option to utilize R Symbol.

  • It gives a Branding status over your products or administration and assists with making trust in client mind.

  • An enlisted Trademark gives the Statutory Right to sue in court.

  • Secures the resources of the business, Notable imprints can be secured under the customary law standards of passing off.

  • Assists with distinguishing the brand and improves brand acknowledgment

  • One is Trademark which is being used and a Proposed Trademark.

For recording a Trademark as a proposed mark, it isn't needed to document any confirmations of use.

  • In any case, assuming the application to be recorded with a Priority date

Then, at that Point, the Accompanying Reports to be submitted

  1. Authorisation Form
  2. Affirmation for Usage of the imprint
  3. Confirmations for uses
  4. Enlistment declarations
  5. Bills
  6. Invoices
  7. News Paper Advertisements
  8. Logo (assuming any)

The above are the Documents which are needed for Registering a Trademark structure your side.

Marks can't be Registered as a Trademark?

Similar or Identical Marks : A Trademark can't be Registered assuming it is intently comparable or indistinguishable with a current Registered Trademark. (Eg. iphone Vs. ifone)

Generic Terms : This is one which is a typical word reference term. The normal names like Sun or Flower or Air and so on can't be Registered as a Trademark. (Eg. Love, Heart etc)

Descriptive Marks : These are then again portrays the nature of administration or without anyone else depicts the item. These elucidating Terms can't be Registered. (Eg. Pure Water, Tasty Sandwiches)

Surnames : The brand name act doesn't need an individual to hold sole directly over a typical Surname or Names. Subsequently enrollment of Surnames are impractical. (Eg. Rahul & Manish)

Immoral Names : Trade/Brand names which are corrupt or shocking or trash can't be Registered according to the Trademark Act.

Stages for Trademark Registration

Name Search - New Application - Examination - Hearing - Advertised & Accepted - Registration - Renewal

Trademark Registration Process

a) New Application Filing :

Trade/Brand name Applications can be recorded in single or various classes. A different application for each class must be made to apply for a Trade/brand name in various classes. The applications can't be consolidated.

b) TM Number Allotment :

After documenting the application, the Registry will give an application number, which will be utilized for future references.

c) Formalities Check Pass :

Subsequent to tolerating the application, the Examiner will examine the application for Formality Check, wherein the Registry will give direct the Preliminary Check to guarantee that the application is documented in a recommended way.

d) Examination :

The Registry will presently check for Section 9 and 11 (Identical/similar/descriptive/generic) complaints Absolute Grounds and Relative Grounds to guarantee the imprint to be enlisted fulfills the measures for enrollment. In view of the assessment, the Examiner will give the assessment report.

e) Examination Reply :

The Applicant will be needed to record the answer inside 30 days from the date of issue of the assessment report after getting the Examination report.

f) Hearing :

In case the Examiner is happy with the answer, they will acknowledge and publicize the Trade/Brand name. If not, they will fix a date of hearing on which the candidate should show up before the enlistment center. In the case of, during the conference, the recorder acknowledges, the Trade/Brand will be publicized.

g) Advertised & Accepted :

Endless supply of the mark, the Trademark will be distributed in the name diary to call for third-part resistance.

h) Registration :

Assuming no resistance is recorded, the imprint will be acknowledged, and an enrollment testament will be given to the candidate, Certificate will come from Trademark Office.


The brand name enlistment is legitimate for upto ten years, after which reestablishment ought to be recorded in Trademark Office.